Friday, June 6, 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.

Am I Good Enough?

Location:  Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 2
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Lisa Sohmer-Director of College Counseling, Garden School; Richard P. Alvarez-University Director of Admission, CUNY; Greg Wasserman-School Counselor, The Wheatley School

Building on an article that was recently published in the NACAC Journal, this session will look at the emotional issues affecting students in the application process and what we, as professionals, can do to understand them – issues and students – better.

Building a Brand Begins with Building Consensus

Location: Science Building, 215N
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Ray Witkowski–Vice President, Zone 5

What’s the quickest way to sabotage a branding initiative? Keep it close to the vest. From strategic plans and budgets to constituents and continuity, we’ll discuss the challenges and rewards of implementing a successful initiative. And, in the true spirit of a discussion, we’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences as well.

CANCELLED: Catfights, Lesbians, and Nuns…Oh My! Talking to Girls About Attending a Women’s College

Location: Performing Arts Center, 215
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Carolyn Middleton-Director of Admissions, Barnard College; Beth Pili-Associate Director of College Counseling, Horace Mann School

Do you struggle with how to talk to young women about the benefits of single sex education? Join us for a lively conversation about best practices, common misconceptions, and useful talking points from which counselors can make the case for attending a women’s college.

College 101- The Survival Guide for the First Year at College

Location:  Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 1
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Jason Miller-Guidance Counselor, Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School; Joseph Izzo-Guidance Counselor, Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School; Laurie Lynn-Director of Guidance, Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School

High schools are able to effectively help students identify/apply to institutions, but often that is where the post-secondary discussion ends. We have implemented a comprehensive transition program, College 101, comprised of workshops that seek to engage and educate seniors on some of the life skills necessary to thrive in college. Skills covered include etiquette, social/emotional supports, academic assistance, financing college, and more.

College Fairs Made Easy

Location: Science Building, 215S
Secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Carly Connors–Admissions Representative, Johnson & Wales University; Betsey Schuhle–Associate Director, CASDA

With the burdens placed on college counselors, they no longer have the time to meet with college representatives visiting their schools and teachers are not letting their students out of classes to meet with the representative. Let us help you plan a college fair for your students that benefits everyone.

Dollars, Degrees and Desserts: How to Use Creativity to Bring in Your Class

Location: Science Building, 321
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Stacey Davey-Senior Associate Director of Admissions, St. John’s University; Alexandra Arnone- Assistant Director of Admissions, New York Institute of Technology

Are you business-minded with a creative edge? This is an out of the box session designed to get your wheels turning. Join us for a fast paced interactive group discussion that will give you unique tools and ideas for improving traditional recruiting and conversion methods.

Harnessing Technology to Transform Recruitment

Location: Science Building, 322
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Justin Rogers-Director of Admissions, Hilbert College; Emma Burton-VP of Project Management, Spectrum

Hilbert College has harnessed technology to transform their college recruitment workflow and enhanced personal touch to prospective students, dramatically increasing their yield. Attendees will learn how to incorporate concepts including automation, niche data, informed rep follow-up, campaign analytics and trackable team goals to empower their enrollment force for success.

I Want My Decision NOW!

Location: University Center, 213/214
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Kristin Quinlan–Admissions Representative, Adelphi University; Amanda Press–Associate Director NYIT;, Melissa Rose–Guidance Counselor, George W. Hewlett High School; Kerri Darcy–Assistant Director of Admissions, St. John’s University, Joseph Cosentino–Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Manhattanville College

Hear about the onsite decision process from both sides of the desk. Join a conversation with seasoned professionals as we bring different perspectives and experiences regarding the onsite admissions. For high school members; learn about the basic model, process and how technology is incorporated. For college members; learn how we choose schools, communicated and worked with applicants and the benefits for all parties.

Identifying At-Risk Students in Admissions: A Tool for First Year Success

Location: Woodruff Hall, 255
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Christopher Saldivar-Associate Director of Admissions, Metropolitan College of New York; Erica Pepe-Assistant Director of Admissions, Metropolitan College of New York; Erica Morales-Director of Bronx Extension Center, Metropolitan College of New York; Parker Pracjek-Director of Academic Support, Metropolitan College of New York

Post-traditional college students enter higher education with greater work and family responsibilities. Add to this the rigors of college life, and prospects of program completion can seem daunting. This workshop will demonstrate the importance of admissions working harmoniously with first year success programs in identifying academic and social red-flags, enriching student’s experiences and contributing to college-wide retention.

If Colleges Only Knew: Writing the Essay

Location: Performing Arts Center, 216
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Bernadette Condesso-Associate Director of College Counseling, Poughkeepsie Day School; Shanta Lindo–Director, Collegewise Syosset

This session provides a model for a writing workshop and techniques to enable educational professionals to assist all students in developing essays that highlights their life context. These essays needn’t embody the “woe is me” essay. The goal is to empower students to advocate for themselves.

NYSACAC Admission Practices (AP) Committee Update

Location: Science Building, 233
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Sara Robinson-Academic Advisor, Office of Admissions & Advisement, School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, University at Buffalo (SUNY); Will Cardamone- College Counselor, Manlius Pebble High School

The NYSACAC Admissions Practices (AP) Committee is responsible for monitoring and enforcing ethical practices in the admissions process for all institutions including high schools and colleges. NACAC, together with NYSACAC, is committed to maintaining high standards that foster ethical and social responsibility among those involved in the transition process as outlined in the NACAC Statement of Principles of Good Practice (SPGP). Learn more about the SPGP and AP in the form of an update from committee co-chairs and members.

The Bridges to Adelphi Program: A Comprehensive College Support Program for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 219
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Mitch Nagler–Director, Bridges to Adelphi Program, Adelphi University

This presentation will review The Bridges to Adelphi Program, which offers comprehensive and individualized academic, social and vocational support services to Adelphi students who self disclose with Autism Spectrum Disorder, or other non-verbal learning disorders, and explain the theoretical basis for methods used.

This Side of the Desk: What’s Current in NYS Public Schools

Location: University Center, 211/212
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Mark Palios–Guidance Counselor, Shelter Island High School; Antonios Lazaris, Guidance Counselor, East Hampton High School

This workshop will cover the latest trends in public education in New York State. Topics include new graduation requirements, a focus on transition, the common core curriculum standards, teacher evaluation, and more. Information will be useful for the college admission professional in recruitment and retention.

To BFA or Not to BFA

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 108
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Amy Goldin-Owner, COPA, Inc.: College Options in the Performing Arts

Session will shed light and offer insights into the pros and cons of performing arts degrees, and discuss some ways in which counselors can assist performing arts students in figuring out which paths to take.

We Are More Than ‘Just Recruiters’

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 3
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Dan Lundquist-Founder, The Education Consultancy; Beth Post-Lundquist-Director of Financial Aid, Skidmore College

With one foot on-campus and another off-campus, admissions officers have the ability to interpret the market to the college and the college to the market. Environmental challenges suggest that colleges would be wise to empower their staff to act as strategic counselor to the institution rather than “just” a source of revenue.

What Happens When I Push this Button? #HELP

Location: Woodruff Hall, 253
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Casey Pedrick-Assistant Principal Guidance, Stuyvesant High School; Jonathan Hoster- Undergraduate Recruitment Specialist, College of Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University

There is so much technology available to counselors, yet many of us are not even scratching the surface of how we can use technology to benefit our students, make our jobs easier, and to let the work of our offices shine brightly to our administrators. This presentation will show high school/CBO counselors how to make use of technology in our offices.

What Makes a Great Acceptance Campaign?

Location: University Center, 215
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Beatrice Szalas-Vice President, TWG+; David Follick-Director of Admission, St. John’s University; Sandra Ordonez-Director of Social Media, St. John’s University

With some creativity and a strategic partnership, St. John’s made bold moves by incorporating Instagram, personalized digital video, and social media into its acceptance campaign mix. Join David Follick, Director of Admissions and Sandra Ordonez, Director of Social Media at St. John’s University, and Beatrice Szalas, Vice President of TWG Plus, to learn how they partnered to launch an engaging and truly authentic campaign that brought together the perfect mix of print, digital, and social media to create a buzz around the college acceptance process.

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