Thursday, June 5, 1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m.

A Day (or Career?) in the Life of an Admissions Counselor

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 3
Post-secondary / Beginner

Jaclyn Napoleon-Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions, University at Albany (SUNY); Justin Rogers-Director of Admissions, Hilbert College

For those just beginning work in the admissions field and thinking it may just be the right career choice for them, we will discuss ideas and strategies on how to progress in your career from first year counselor to director (and everywhere in between). Additionally, we will cover some of the differences in working for a public vs. private institution.

Addressing the Significance of Pre-College Programs for High School Students on the Road to College Preparation

Location: Woodruff Hall, 255
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate

Iva Katheryn Zeqja-Assistant Director of Admissions, Adelphi University; Kerrin Reilly-Assistant Director of Admissions, LIU Post

The goal of this session is to discuss how pre-college programs for high school students are significantly strengthening academic skills and integrating High School students in the collegiate community as early as their middle and high school years of study. These programs encourage subject area growth, social skill growth, and preparation for college level coursework. We will focus on discussion of different programs, how to analyze their success, and factors that can be altered to ensure successful college programming for HS students.

Building Up Young Men of Color

Location: Performing Arts Center, 216
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Danny Tejada-Liberty Partnerships Program Site Coordinator, High School for Economics and Finance, Pace University School of Education

This workshop will focus on the challenges that young men of color face during the transition from high school to college. Danny Tejada will share his life story, how he started working with young men. in Pace University’s Liberty Partnership Program, and how it can be replicated at other schools or in other community based organization programs.

Evidence Based Counseling Programs to Promote College Access

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 1
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Barbara Donnellan-Coordinator of Guidance, Lindenhurst Public Schools, Assistant Professor, NYIT Counseling Program, President-Elect, New York State School Counselor Association; Lauren Kalabacas-Graduate Student, NYIT; Amanda Press-Graduate Student, NYIT; Tamara Kaloyeva- Graduate Student, NYIT; Veronica Valencia-Graduate Student, NYIT

Learn to create programs that promote your school’s college admissions goals. With these techniques, school counselors will partner with college admissions professionals and demonstrate the effectiveness of their programs to stakeholders. Programs include Common Application workshops, on-site admissions, and more. Leave with plenty of ideas and the skills for implementation.

Exploring Needs of Children with Incarcerated Parents and Ways to Engage the Population

Location: Woodruff Hall, 253
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ashley Cole-Assistant Director of Admissions, American University; Jamel Long-Program Manager & Graduate Advisor, School of Education, Drexel University

More than two million children in the US have at least one parent in prison. This session will identify challenges and special needs that these children have, and how we as educators can best support and engage these children to encourage a college-going culture and reduce rates of intergenerational incarceration.

Finding Best Fit Colleges: Understanding Student Hopes, Worries and Needs in College Research, Testing and Financial Aid

Location: University Center, 211/212
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Rob Franek-Senior VP-Publisher, The Princeton Review

Using data from The Princeton Review’s latest survey of 13,000 high school students and their parents, TPR’s College Hopes & Worries Survey, Mr. Franek will speak directly to the most current issues both college-bound students and their families are feeling around admissions, standardized testing and financial aid. Participants will receive a copy of The Princeton Review’s newest book, Best Value Colleges, for attending the session.

Helping Younger Students Understand College Success

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 108
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate

Amy Estersohn- Graduate Student, Columbia University; Chelsey Jones- Education Policy MA Student, Teachers College, Columbia University; Amber Briggs- Education Policy MA Student, Teachers College, Columbia University

In order to meet President Obama’s 2020 goals for having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world, more school districts are encouraging college literacy in the younger grades. This workshop will introduce participants to a variety of hands-on activities around college knowledge.

Innovative Strategies for Recruiting Right-Fit Students

Location: Science Building, 215N
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Peter Farrell–Senior Enrollment Management Consultant, Royall & Company, Patricia Peek-Director of Admissions, Fordham University

Discover innovative recruitment strategies that identify right-fit students, cultivate their interest in your institution and motivate them to apply. We’ll reveal how to stay connected as students move to mobile devices, and we’ll share findings about the influential role of parents and how to make them advocates for your institution.

Modern Admissions Landscape: Upcoming Test Changes & The Role of Social Media in Admissions

Location: Science Building, 215S
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Topic Areas: CAPP

Cailin Papszycki-Regional Director, Kaplan Test Prep; Connell Boyle-Program Manager Long Island, Kaplan Test Prep

Hear the highlights from Kaplan’s annual college admissions officer survey. Topics include upcoming SAT/ ACT test changes and the role of social media in admissions. Based on the 2013 survey with responses from 422 officers from America’s top colleges and universities.

More than a Number

Location: University Center, 213/214
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Alyssa Frank-Senior Assistant Director of Admission Fordham University; Brandon Miller- Admissions Counselor CUNY; Tom Gaube-Director of Recruitment, Binghamton University (SUNY)

How do universities manage high volumes of applications while retaining a student-centered approach? Hear from a panel of university professionals from large institutions and gain an inside view of student recruitment, application review, and enrollment management techniques.

Parents Who Struggle to Let Go: Tips & Research-Based Strategies to Help your Parents Let Go

Location: Science Building, 322
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Judy Gerich–Admissions Coordinator, CIP; Stephen Migden, Ph.D., ABPP, Academic-Therapeutic Options: Dr. Stephen Migden & Associates

Do you ever have parents who are so anxious or over-involved that they won’t let go to allow their child to grow? Are you frustrated because you can see the student is on the verge of stepping into taking ownership of their life and a parent is unintentionally blocking the essential first steps to autonomy? This session will focus on research-based tips, strategies and mindsets to help your parents through this life-changing rite of passage.

Putting First Generation First

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 219
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Gil Rogers–Director of Marketing and Outreach, Chegg; David Pierre–Assistant Director of Admissions, St. John’s University

In a constantly connected, online world, it’s easy for the activity of students to be disconnected with time-tested resources and advisement techniques. Conversations about college have shifted from the guidance office and the dinner table to Twitter and the rest of the web. With the proliferation of social media and online search tools tailored to today’s digital natives, it’s important for college counselors and advisors to be current with how traditionally underserved students prefer to access, review, and connect with colleges and universities.

Study in Canada

Location: Performing Arts Center, 215
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Natasha Bijelich–Recruitment Officer, University of Toronto; Soeun Outh–Liason Officer, International Recruitment Institution, Ryerson University; Emily Nicotera–Recruitment Officer, University of Toronto

This session will offer insight into post-secondary options in Canada. Similarities and differences between the Canadian and American systems will be explored with reference to admission policies, campus life, finances and more!

The National Enrollment Communications Study

Location: Science Building, 321
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Cecil Foster-President & CEO/Senior Partner, Mind Over Media; Christopher Shults-Strategy Consultant, Mind Over Media

How long does it actually take colleges and universities to respond to a student inquiry? Do prospective students want to connect via social media? Are your peers still sending viewbooks? The answers to these and many other questions in the findings from Mind Over Media’s groundbreaking National College Enrollment Study.

Tricks of the Trade: Getting Acceptance Letters for Students with Special Needs

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 2
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Allen F. Tinkler MS Ed.-Educational Consultant and Disability Transition Specialist, LDTC

Applicants with special needs may be at a disadvantage when applying to college. Learn about little-known strategies that may be employed so these applicants will be more competitive in receiving acceptance letters to four-year colleges. This session will dispel myths and will offer practical solutions and alternatives.

Working with Academic Advising to Recruit and Retain Students

Location: University Center, 215
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Lauren Sangimino-Assistant Director, Stony Brook University; Erica Benhard-Undergraduate Lead College Advisor for Human Development, Stony Brook University

Finding new ways to recruit students isn’t always easy or cost effective. It’s important to use the resources you have in a different capacity. You work hard to get incoming freshman and transfers enrolled, but retaining them can be even harder. This session will discuss useful ways admissions and academic advising can work together to recruit and retain students.

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