Wednesday, June 4, 4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

“21 Questions” – Rookie Roundtable

Location: Woodruff Hall, 253
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner

Lauren Quigley- Director of College Counseling, College Bound Initiative-The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria; Ingrid Selman- Director of College Counseling, College Bound Initiative at the Academy for Social Action; Rob Robinson- Director of Programs and High School Partnerships, College Bound Initiative

Every seasoned professional can remember their very first year in the profession saying to themselves: “Well, I WISH someone told me that!” We have assembled a panel of rookie counselors to hear from YOU! They have 21 questions for best practices, from college admissions to financial aid to college trips. Come to the only conference session where you TEACH! This session is ideal for rookies (counselors in their first or second year) and veterans alike. Come learn from each other!

An Exploration of New York’s 100+ Independent, Not-For-Profit Colleges and Universities

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 3
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Susan Nesbitt Perez- Vice President Outreach and Financial Aid, CICU

This session will walk participants through an organized exploration of New York’s 100+ independent, not-for-profit colleges and universities from different perspectives: locations/settings, focus/programs, admit requirements, sticker price, and sports/activities. Lots of handouts!

Balancing Burnout: Keeping Your Passion for Higher Education Alive

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 108
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate

Alexandra Tramposch- Admissions Advisor, Niagara University; Joshua Jacobs- Admissions Advisor, Niagara University; Rebecca Stapley- Admissions Counselor, Nazareth College

In 2011, Higher Ed Live reported: “Young professionals under the age of 35…are sticking with their jobs for only 20 months, on average.” In the field of undergraduate admissions, young professionals are consistently asked to do more than their black and white job description entails. Hear how three of them handle expectations and what you can do to maximize your personal and professional development and well-being.

Education Pays 2013: The Benefits of Higher Education for Individuals and Society

Location: University Center, 211/212
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Rene Rosa- Educational Manager, The College Board

The latest edition of “Education Pays,” part of the College Board’s annual trends series, offers important data and insight for students, institutions and the community at large. We will examine the increases and the persistent disparities across demographic groups in college participation and completion as well as the differences in earnings and employment patterns by education level.

Effective Uses of Athletics and Other Co-Curricular Experiences in College Recruitment Practices

Location: Performing Arts Center, 215
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ryan Dwyer- Assistant Director of Admissions, Wells College; Paige Stone- Admissions Counselor, Wells College

The goal of this session is to outline and introduce the many social benefits associated with college varsity and recreational sports, through research and theories, and the advantage to including this material in recruitment of college students. The co-curricular experience is one that is often undersold during the college recruitment process and we are here to provide unique strategies that will supplement your recruitment approach.

Empowering Student Voice in College Access Counseling

Location: Woodruff Hall, 255
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Joshua Steckel – Co-Author, Hold Fast to Dreams (The New Press, 2014) and College Counselor, Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies; Nkese Rankine- student and graduate of Bates College; Rafael Padilla- student and graduate of Muhlenberg College

This session provides a model for college advisement work that empowers high school students to see themselves as agents of change in building equity and justice in access to higher education. The session will be co-facilitated by former NYC public school students, now college graduates, alongside their high school counselor.

From Opportunity Programs to Honors Programs: A Look at Community Colleges

Location: Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise, 219
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ann Taylor Shaw- Admissions Counselor, City University of New York (CUNY); Mark Ciolli- Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, Fordham University; Laura Bruno- Assistant Dean of Enrollment Management, Queensborough Community College; Jaqueline McPhillips- Community College Transfer Opportunity Program Director, New York University; Gwen Roundtree Evans- Academic Advisor/Assistant Professor, Westchester Community College; Stephanie Autenrieth- Director of Admissions, John Jay College of Criminal Justice 

Community colleges offer many opportunities typically associated with four-year colleges – honors programs, study abroad, research opportunities – all at an affordable price point. Join admissions professionals from two-year and four-year colleges to discuss the range of academic opportunities available at community colleges and explore ways to improve the process of transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution.

Getting the Most Out of High School Visits

Location: Science Building, 322
Post-secondary / Beginner, Intermediate

James Curley- Admissions Counselor, University at Albany (SUNY); Justin Hadley- Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission, The College of Saint Rose; Robert Kaercher- Assistant Director of Admissions, Wagner College

This session will identify ways to improve visits to high schools by college admissions representatives. As one of the anchors for travel (college fairs being the other), our objective is to develop methods to make them more beneficial for school counselors, students and admissions representatives. Presenters will refer to their personal experience (over a decade combined ) within the field of admissions. We will also present survey responses in addition to promoting conversation among the group in attendance.

Government Relations Work and How It Relates to the Work We Do Every Day

Location: Performing Arts Center, 216
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Chris Buonocore- Admissions Counselor, CUNY; Costas Solomou- Director of Admissions Programs, University of Rochester; Michael Rose- Assistant Director for Government Relations, NACAC

Explore local, state, and national policies that affect the work we do and the students we try so hard to help. Discover recommendations for major policy areas to improve college access and learn how you can become involved. Participate in a discussion with leading NACAC experts about issues that are important to YOU and YOUR students.

How to Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships between High School Counselors & College Representatives

Location: University Center, 215
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Christine Murphy- Assistant Vice President of Admissions, Adelphi University; Gina Christel- Director of Guidance, Garden City Public Schools

A presentation from both the college and high school side about unique programming, networking opportunities and events that are all geared towards strengthening the critical relationship between the high school counselor and the college admissions representative. Find out how to differentiate and capitalize on the visit experience.

How to Leverage Search to Recruit a Sophisticated Student in a Sophisticated Market

Location: Science Building, 215N
Post-secondary / Advanced

Heather Mueller-Vice President of Enrollment and Operations ,Capture Higher Ed; Brian Fernandes- Vice President for Enrollment Management, Dominican College

At Capture, we’re determined to help our partner institutions work smarter not harder for every potential enrollment. We do this by leveraging data and technology to identify industry trends. We apply those findings to the student selection process, and searching only mission-fit, decision ready prospects. The result is more ISIRs, more deposits, and more enrollments.

I’ve Won a Grant for the Conference – What Are My Next Steps?

Location: Science Building, 235
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate

Marissa Guijarro- School Counselor, Suffern High School; Kristen Capezza- Director of Undergraduate Admission, Adelphi University; Veronica Aguilar Hornig- Senior Admissions Officer, Columbia University

This session will provide a lively discussion of professional development opportunities that NYSACAC conference grant recipients (and others) may pursue while at the conference and post-conference at their respective institutions. Participants will design a personalized “action plan” to build their skill set in the areas of college admissions and/or college counseling.

Inside CUNY

Location: University Center, 213/214
Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Clare Norton- Director of Recruitment, CUNY; Cassie Magesis- Deputy Director of College Readiness, Urban Assembly; Susan Davidson- College Adviser, The Ramaz School

Get a look under the hood of one of the most comprehensive university systems in the world. CUNY serves over 260,000 students across 24 campuses. This session will provide information about unique programs at CUNY and ways to help your students best prepare for the admissions review process. We will also leave ample time for questions and input from session participants.

Muslim Girls & Higher Education: Managing Cultural, Student & School Experiences

Location: Science Building, 215S
Post-secondary and Secondary / Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Allison Ruth- College Counselor, Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice; Mariela Graham– Founding Principal, Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice

Join us for a panel discussion with the founding principal, college counselor and students of the Urban Assembly School for Criminal Justice, an all-girls, 6-12 public school located in Brooklyn. We will reflect on the experiences of our first graduating class, and the role schools can play in helping students find their voice amongst competing interests.

Online Community-Building: Keep Your Prospects and Admits Coming Back for More

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 1
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Mark Rothbaum–President, Varsity Outreach; Margaret Galiani–Admission Counselor, Fordham University

Learn key strategies for creating active, engaging communities online for your prospects and admits. We’ll combine hard, big-picture data from a survey of admissions professionals and analysis of more than 300,000 posts by college and university Facebook pages with a first-hand, in-the-trenches experience from an admissions officer.

The Big-Picture Model of Education and True Innovation for the Bill Gates Society of Change

Location: Science Building, 321
Secondary / Advanced

Jennifer Ghudi-Consultant, Big-Picture, Inc; Geoff Baer-Professor, SUNY Oswego

Started in Providence, RI, 20 + years ago, the BIG-PICTURE model of education is expanding and catching on in NYS as well as worldwide. Big Picture is a hands-on, innovative approach to assisted learners who are different and the potential drop-outs of the future, if left alone without alternatives.

The College Admissions Cookbook

Location: Science Building, 233
Post-secondary / Intermediate, Advanced

Gil Rogers – Director of Marketing and Outreach, Chegg, James Vineburgh – Director of Research, TWG+

In a constantly changing college admissions landscape, institutions invest a significant amount of time and resources identifying and attracting best-fit students to their institution. Through direct surveys with college bound students, the Zinch, Chegg, and TWG+ teams asked students about their perspectives of today’s recruitment tactics. These results have helped to identify the proper “mix” of recruitment strategies and tactics to maximize recruitment time and investments. 

Trips, Tips and Tricks of the Trade: How to Effectively and Efficiently Plan Your Recruitment Trips in Territories Both New and Old

Location: Center for Recreation and Sports, Campbell Lounge 2
Post-secondary / Beginner

Bryan Rothstein – Assistant Director of Admission, Adelphi University; Christine Rossi – Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission, The College of Saint Rose; George Zimmerman – Senior Assistant Director, Binghamton University

A workshop aimed for counselors newer to the field/managing a new territory. This workshop will discuss how three admissions recruiters with different territories/markets execute effective and efficient recruitment strategies. Tips to be discussed: how to strategically plan visits, fairs, high school counselor contact, and drop off/counselor visits.

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